• Pre/ Post Production cleaning

  • Property Maintenance

  • Janitorial 

  • Pressure Washing

  • Window Cleaning

  • Water Reclamation

  • Floor Polishing

We are a full service janitorial, day porter and maintenance company that is committed to providing the finest quality of services at a competitive price. Calibu Maintenance Services has been in the distinctive high-end cleaning and maintenance industry for many years. We have primarily serviced the film industry, which has the highest standards that demand exceptional quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism. We manage and execute custom services on substantial projects involving the deep cleaning, polishing and sanitizing of multistory buildings, sizable facilities and their surrounding exterior areas.


Unlike many custodial companies, Calibu has a very high employee retention rate. Our team members have been with the company for no less than three years, and several for over five years. Everyone on our team has tremendous work ethics. We are always on time, dressed appropriately, and conscientiously complete all tasks within the set deadlines. Another aspect that sets us apart from others is our team is trained to really scrutinize the entire job site, not just quickly finish a list of tasks. We own our own specialty cleaning equipment, like our truck mounted heated pressure washer so we do not have to sub work out adding costs. Our services are easily tailored to your specific needs. Continuous open communication between our staff, supervisors, and property management insures we will successfully meet all requirements of the contracted scope of work and address any other item outside the scope that has been identified as needing attention.


 Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service. Our many referrals have come from our long-standing relationships with customers built over the years due to the quality of service and a caring staff. Should you choose to put your confidence in Calibu Maintenance Services, it will be returned with our commitment to fulfilling all your Association’s needs with the highest level of care and attention.